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Core Training Home Workout

Core Training Home Workout

This is one of the best core trainings, that is easy to do and that you can do at home.
There are 2 different circuits to go thru two times.
Each exercise is 20 seconds long and in that time you should do as many as possible repetitions.
Take a look:


Exercises of core training home workout

Russian twist is performed while sitting on the floor with lifted legs and rotating your arm from one side to the other.
If you want to make this exercise harder, pick up some dumbbell or kettlebell. Start light and increase weight as you progress.

Plank is a static movement where you are in a push up position with your hands and legs on the floor.
Keeping your core muscles activated and making sure you are not lowering your hips.
To make plank even harder, you can drop down on your elbows and get back up on your hands.
Or you could put your hands more in front of you. This will make it even harder to stay in this position.

Hip raise is most probably not known to you. You are lying on the floor with your back. Your legs are up in the air and you are forcing your lower back up in the air, and getting up like you would touch the ceiling with your feet. To make hip raises even harder, you should do it on the inclined bench.

Alternating heel touches are done in a flexed position. You should not be resting on the floor. Just lift up your head and contract your core muscles. Touch your heels on each side and keep up at it. Do as many repetitions as possible with constant tension on your abs.

Seated scissor kick is done sitting down with your legs in the air. Crossing your legs in the air and your hands secured on the floor.

Heel touches are similar to alternating heel touches but this time, you are touching your heels simultaneously. Keeping your legs bent at 90 degrees you will need to activate your core muscles in order to touch your heels. Try to do as many repetitions as possible in twenty seconds.

Plank step up is a variant of the plank exercise where you are in plank position and are lowering your torso to your elbows and getting back up on your hands underneath your shoulders.

Plank walk out is a great exercise to make plank even harder. You are slowly moving forward on your elbows and then back. Don’t go too much forward as you risk lower back pain.

Cross crunch is performed like the crunch you know. But this time, you are touching your knees with your hands. This will be hard for your ab muscles so keep at it for 20 seconds. Try to touch your knees as many times as you can. Do not relax on your way down, keep your core muscles activated all the time!

Bicycle crunches are like riding your bicycle and doing crunches at the same time. You should touch your knees with your elbows as many times as possible.





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