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Varun Dhawan Six Pack Workout

Varun Dhawan Six Pack Workout

Here you learn how Varun Dhawan got his six pack abs.
Take a look at Varun Dhawan’s Six Pack Abs Video.

What you will notice is 2 things:

  1. Type of training
    Varun uses different types of training in order to build six pack muscles.
  2. Diet
    Varun is confident with his diet in order to burn fat and to expose six pack abs.

Varun Dhawan and his types of training

If you want to get results then you need to train a lot. If you want results FAST then you need a trainer.
Varun has trained under Prashant Sawant, one of the most known personal trainers of Bollywood. Prashant has trained Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Shah Rukh Khan and more. Prashant was once a fat boy and he decided to get in shape and worked hard in figuring out the recipe. And the rest is history. Today Prashant uses latest findings in his training and you can see the results on Varun.

Here is a video of Prashant’s six pack workout

As you can see, he is mostly using body weight, swiss ball and Varun has used TRX.
What can help you even more is this video

And we have come to the second most important part – Varun Dhavan’s diet.
Here is an example how a day looks like for Varun.

Breakfast : Varun starts his day with 4 organic eggs with some oats or a slice of bread. He is adding also calcium with vitamin d3.

Snack: In order not to lose muscle gains Varun is focused on getting his proteins with protein shake or protein bar. Drinking green tea to burn fat. And adding some fiber with fruit.

Lunch: Turkey or chicken with some brown rice and broccoli

Snack: Getting essential fats from flaxseeds and another protein shake

Dinner: Fish or chicken with a big salad for the end of the day.

And the most important part – sleep. Varun makes sure to get enough sleep in order to grow muscles and burn fat.


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